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University of Connecticut College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Linguistics

Linguistics Colloquium Series

The Linguistics Colloquium Series is partially funded by the Uconn Graduate Student Senate. 


Name Date Title and Abstract
Michael Wagner (McGill University) October 12, 2018 The Contradiction Contour in Question Responses and Elsewhere
Ming Xiang (University of Chicago) October 26, 2018 Bridging the Gap between Parsing and Interpretation through Bayesian Pragmatic Inferences
Donka Farkas (University of California, Santa Cruz) November 9, 2018 Non-Intrusive Questions
Martina Wiltschko (University of British Columbia) November 30, 2018 Nominal speech act structure and the distinction between grammatical person and speech act participants
Boris Harizanov (Stanford University) March 29, 2019 Structural conditions on the pronunciation of movement chains: Evidence from verb doubling in Russian and VP resumption in Danish
Valentine Hacquard (University of Maryland) April 5, 2019 What to learn in learning attitude and modal meanings
Charles Yang (University of Pennsylvania) April 26, 2019 Learnability vs. Grammar

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