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University of Connecticut College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Linguistics

Spring 2013

Name Date Topic Time Location
Lyn Tieu and Jungmin Kang Jan 29, 2013 On two kinds of negative concord items in Korean
Practice talk for WCCFL 31
12:30pm Oak 338
Aida Talić Feb 5, 2013  Extraordinary complement extraction
Practice talk for LSALAA 2013
12:30pm Oak 338
George Tsoulas
(University of York)
Mar 26, 2013 The Grammar of Silent Time 12:15pm Oak 338
Beata Moskal Mar 26, 2013 A Case Study in Nominal Suppletion 1:15pm Oak 338
Marija Runić
(University of Padua)
Apr 9, 2013 The Puzzle of the Resian Definite Article 12:15pm Oak 338
Vadim Kimmelman
(University of Amsterdam)
Apr 9, 2013  Multiple tiers, multiple trees. Weak hand holds in Russian Sign Language
Practice talk for CLS 49
1:00pm Oak 338
Troy Messick Apr 16, 2013 Assessing the role of competition in MaxElide
Practice talk for CamCos 2
12:30pm Oak 338
Yuta Sakamoto Apr 23, 2013  Argument Ellipsis in Japanese: Its Interaction with Phase and Parallelism 12:30pm Oak 338
Ting Xu Apr 30, 2013  On the semantics and acquisition of decomposition adverb
Prospectus defense
12:30pm Oak 338