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University of Connecticut College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Linguistics

Other talks and lecture series


Name Date Title Time Location
Jeff Heinz (University of Delaware) Dec 1, 2011 Patterns of stress and rhythm in words: a computational perspective 4pm Arjona 339
Sharon Unsworth (Utrecht University) Dec 8, 2011 Some thoughts on the role of input in bilingual acquisition 11am Arjona 339
Scott AnderBois (University of Connecticut) Jan 20, 2012 Inquisitiveness in Questions and Assertions 4:30pm Arjona 311
Benjamin George (MIT) Jan 24, 2012 Embedding questions: Which answers matter, and how? 12:30pm Arjona 307
Hazel Pearson (Harvard) Jan 27, 2012 Predicates of Personal Taste in Perspective 4:30pm Arjona 311
Yasutada Sudo (MIT) Jan 31, 2012 The Semantics of First and Second Person Pronouns: Evidence from Indexical Shifting 2:45pm Arjona 307
Magdalena Kaufmann (Göttingen) Feb 3, 2012 Questioning Imperatives 4:30pm Arjona 311
Jacopo Romoli (Harvard) Feb 9, 2012 Exhaustification as a solution to Soames' Problem 5pm Arjona 311
Stefan Keine (UMass) Feb 20, 2012 The Role of Movement in Hindi/Urdu Long-Distance Agreement 1pm Arjona 307