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University of Connecticut College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Linguistics

UConn @ WAFL 11

Published on June, 5 2015 at 9:06pm

The 11th Workshop on Altaic Formal Linguistics (WAFL) is taking place at the University of York, June 4-6. 

UConn is represented by the following talks.. 

  • Yongsuk Yoo: "Highest Edge Effect: Evidence from Korean"
  • Yusuke Yoda [visitor, 2013]: "An Adversity Causative Illusion: Applicatives Revisited"
  • Bum-Sik Park [UConn 2005] & Sei-Rang Oh [UConn 2005]: "What can multiple fragments tell us about Left Branch Extraction?"
  • Nina Radkevich [UConn 2010]: "Genitive case drop in Korean as compounding"
  • Myung-Kwan Park [UConn 1994], Ui-Jong Shin, & Jungmin Kang [UConn 2014]: "On Multiple Fragments in Korean"
  • I-Ta Chris Hsieh [UConn 2012]: "Actuality Entailment via Evidentials"

... and posters:

  • Yata Sakamoto: "Japanese Null Arguments as Mixed Anaphora: Evidence for the LF-copy Analysis"
  • Hiroaki Saito: "Humble Form and Honorification in Japanese"
  • Yongsuk Yoo & Marcin Dadan: "Phrasal and Clausal Temporal Adjuncts in Korean: The Semantic Analysis"