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University of Connecticut College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Linguistics

UConn @ ICSLA 2015

Published on July, 3 2015 at 8:44am

The 2nd International Conference on Sign Language Acquisition is taking place in Amsterdam on July 1-3. UConn is represented by the following talks...

  • Kozak, Rebello Cruz, Lemos Pizzio, De Quadros [Visiting Scholar 2009-2010]  & Pichler [Ph.D. 2001] "Phonological discrimination by bimodal bilinguals and children with cochlear implants"
  • Lillo-Martin, Berk [Ph.D. 2003], Hopewell-Albert & De Quadros [Visiting Scholar 2009-2010] "MLU and sign language development" 
  • Gokgoz [post-doc], Palmer & Lillo-Martin "Contrastive focus in children acquiring ASL" 

... and posters:

  • Koulidobrova [Ph.D. 2012] & Palmer "Whaddaya know? Effects of exposure to a sign language on seeing another one"
  • Matsuoka [Ph.D. 1998] & Lillo-Martin "Interpretation of bound pronouns by hearing learners of Japanese Sign Language"
  • Gokgoz [post-doc], de Quadros  [Visiting Scholar 2009-2010], Oliveira & Lillo-Martin "Eye gaze accompanying pointing in bimodal bilingual language development"