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University of Connecticut College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Linguistics

Jos Tellings | Post Doc

Published on September, 1 2017 at 9:49am

Jos Tellings | Post Doc
Welkom in Storrs to Jos Tellings
Hi! I just started as a postdoc at the Department of Linguistics at UConn. In Fall, I am co-teaching a graduate seminar on semantics with Magda Kaufmann, and in Spring I will teach an introductory linguistics class.


I received my PhD from UCLA in 2016. My research is centered on the interface between formal semantics/pragmatics and information structure, and the role intonation plays to intermediate between the two. A second important topic in my work is conditionals, going back to my dissertation research in which I investigate how the causal structure of the discourse affects counterfactual inferences in conditionals. Recent work includes work on the semantics and prosody of focus particles, and the cross-linguistic variation with respect to focus-related phenomena. I also have an interest in philosophical and historical issues regarding the interaction between linguistics and mathematics.