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University of Connecticut College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Linguistics

Harry van der Hulst | Three recent papers

Published on September, 11 2017 at 5:56pm

UConn phonology remains well represented in publications - three new papers by Harry van der Hulst (and co-authors) have recently appeared. 

van der Hulst, Harry, Rob Goedemans and Keren Rice (2017). Areal aspect of word stress. In: Raymond Hickey (ed.). Handbook of Areal Linguistics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 161-203.

van der Hulst, Harry (2017). Phonological typology. In: Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald and Robert Dixon (eds.). The Cambridge Handbook of Typological Linguistics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 39-77.

van der Hulst, Harry (2017). A Representational Account of Vowel Harmony in terms of variable elements and licensing. In: Hulst, Harry van der and Anikó Lipták (eds.). The structure of Hungarian. Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on the Structure of Hungarian.  Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing, 95-133.