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University of Connecticut College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Linguistics

UConn at RCAB & SinFonIJA 10

Published on October, 24 2017 at 4:16pm

Resolving Conflicts Across Borders & SinFonIJA 10 are meeting concurrently (Oct 20-24) in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Current and former UConn department members presenting are:

Zheng Shen (UConn & Frankfurt): The multi-valuation agreement hierarchy 

Carlo Geraci (Jean Nicod Paris), Lara Mantovan (Venezia), Mirko Santoro (Jean Nicod Paris) and Valentina Aristodemo (Jean Nicod Paris): Conflict in Sign Language Agreement: the case of backwards verbs.
Peter Smith (Frankfurt), Beata Moskal (Frankfurt), Katharina Hartmann (Frankfurt) and Zheng Shen (UConn/Frankfurt): Feature resolution, feature conflicts and the structure of either ... or
Samuel Alhassan Issah (Winneba) and Peter Smith (Frankfurt): Focus, Resumption and Subjects in Dagbani and Beyond
Nermina Čordalija (Groningen), Ivana Jovović (UConn) and Nedžad Leko (Sarajevo). Postverbal conjoined subjects and closest conjunct agreement in Bosnian/ Croatian/ Serbian: an experimental study