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University of Connecticut College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Linguistics

UConn at BUCLD

Published on November, 1 2017 at 7:15am

UConn Linguistics's Boston tour rounds out this week with a series of presentations by current and former Huskies at the 42nd BU Conference on Language Development, including: 


E. Grolla, J. Lidz: A Performance Account for Medial Wh-Questions in Child English

A. Kocab, A. Senghas, M. Coppola, J. Snedeker: The emergence of recursion: Evidence from Nicaraguan Sign Language and homesign

H. Koulidobrova: The point of it: Argument suppliance in delayed SignL2.

K. Yatsushiro, U. Sauerland: A Filled Gap Stage in German Relative Clause Acquisition

A. Matsuo, L. Naigles, T. Ogura: Is the noun bias the default? Testing novel word learning in Japanese toddlers using simple scenes

K. Rombough, R. Thornton, J. Martin, L. Orton: Negative questions in children with Specific Language Impairment

M. Guasti, E. Pagliarini, O. Lungu, A. Van Hout, S. Crain: The Acquisition of Negated Disjunction: Evidence from Italian, French and Dutch


D. Lillo-Martin, C. Goodwin, L. Prunier: ASL-IPSyn: A new measure of grammatical development

E. Nguyen, W. Snyder: It’s hard to coerce: a unified account of Raising-Past-Experiencers and Passives in Child English

D. Gagne, A. Senghas, M. Coppola: Peer interaction is necessary for full conventionalization of space in an emerging language: Evidence from hearing children of Nicaraguan signers

R. Quadros, D. Lillo-Martin: Brazilian bimodal bilingual as heritage signers

M. Zhang, M. Piñango, K. Davidson: The development of metonymic processing as the growth of context construal ability

H. Huang, S. Crain: What inferences do Mandarin-speaking children make in negative sentences?

L. Tieu, Z. Shen: Interpretive restrictions on superlatives in full vs. fragment answers