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University of Connecticut College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Linguistics

UConn Linguistics | LSA 2018

Published on January, 1 2018 at 7:22am

UConn Linguistics | LSA 2018

To ring in the New Year, the 2018 conference season kicks off with the LSA annual meeting in Salt Lake City. UConn Linguistics will be well represented by:


Asia Pietraszko: The distribution of φ-probes in the inflectional structure

Emma Nguyen, Jon Sprouse: The (non-)satiation of P600/SPS effects to distinct grammatical violations

Jayeon Park, Jon Sprouse: ERP correlates of two types of subject island violations and constructions with substantially similar processing dynamics

Adrian Stegovec: Giving rise to idioms: “No Fixed Spec” and cyclic interpretation

Paula Fenger, Gísli Harðarson: Your n’s are numbered! On linking morphemes in Dutch

Karlos Arregi, Asia Pietraszko: Generalized head movement


Shuyan Wang: Effects of processing capacity on scope assignment by Mandarin-acquiring children

Roberto Petrosino, Diogo Almeida, Andrea Calabrese, Jon Sprouse: Asymmetrical MMNs to non-linguistic, biological sounds: a new challenge to the underspecification hypothesis

William Matchin, Diogo Almeida, Jon Sprouse, Gregory Hickok: Semantic processing triggered by subject island violations (but not phrase structure violations): evidence from fMRI

Laura Snider, Jon Sprouse: ERP responses to active vs. "passive" gap filling

Yuta Tatsumi, Yoshiki Fujiwara: Splitting a coordination with with

Alexandre Vaxman: A Scales-and-Parameters account of morphologically conditioned accentual exceptions

Saurov Syed, Ksenia Bogomolets: The curious case of the polar particle in Kyrgyz

Yuta Tatsumi: A compounding analysis of plural reduplication


Jon Sprouse is a discussant in the Symposium: Understanding Judgment Data in Syntax and Semantics: Insights from OS4 Experimental Methodologies

The program also includes presentations by alumni and affiliates from other UConn departments.