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University of Connecticut College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Linguistics

Adjunct Associate Professor of Linguistics

Education:Ph.D. University of Maryland

Research areas:Syntactic Theory, Comparative Syntax, Romance Linguistics

Selected Publications

  • BooksBoeckx, C., N. Hornstein, and J. Nunes. 2010. Control as Movement. Cambridge University Press.
  • Nunes, J. (ed.). 2009. Minimalist Essays on Brazilian Portuguese Syntax. John Benjamins.
  • Corver, N. and J. Nunes (eds.). 2007. The Copy Theory of Movement. John Benjamins.
  • Grohmann, K., N. Hornstein, and J. Nunes. 2005. Understanding Minimalism. Cambridge University Press.
  • Nunes, J. 2004. Linearization of Chains and Sideward Movement. MIT Press.
  • ArticlesNunes, J. 2010. Relativizing Minimality for A-movement: f- and q-relations. Probus 22:1-25.
  • Boeckx, C., N. Hornstein, and J. Nunes. 2010. Icelandic Control Really is A-movement: Reply to Bobaljik and Landau. Linguistic Inquiry 41:111-130.
  • Nunes, J. 2008. Inherent Case as a Licensing Condition for A-movement: The Case of Hyper-raising Constructions in Brazilian Portuguese. Journal of Portuguese Linguistics 7:83-108.
  • Boeckx, C., N. Hornstein, and J. Nunes. 2008. Copy-reflexive and Copy-control Constructions: A Movement Analysis. Linguistic Variation Yearbook 8:61-99.
  • Hornstein, N., A. M. Martins, and J. Nunes. 2008. Perception and Causative Structures in English and European Portuguese: f-Feature Agreement and the Distribution of Bare and Prepositional Infinitives. Syntax 11:198-222.
  • Hornstein, N. and J. Nunes. 2008. Adjunction, Labeling, and Bare Phrase Structure. Biolinguistics 2:57-86.
  • Aoun, J. and J. Nunes. 2007. Vehicle Change Phenomena as an Argument for Move-F. Linguistic Inquiry 38:525-538.
  • Hornstein, N. and J. Nunes. 2002. On Asymmetries between Parasitic Gaps and Across-the-Board Constructions. Syntax 5.1:26-54.
  • Nunes, J. 2001. Sideward Movement. Linguistic Inquiry 31.2:303-344.
  • Nunes, J. and J. Uriagereka. 2000. Cyclicity and Extraction Domains. Syntax 3.1:20-43.