UCONN Working Papers in Linguistics

The Proceedings of the Inaugural Conference on Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition–North America

UCONN Occasional Papers in Linguistics 4
Kamil Ud Deen; Jun Nomura; Barbara Schulz; Bonnie D. Schwartz (eds)

We are very pleased to present the proceedings of the inaugural conference on Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition – North America (GALANA) . The conference was conceived as the North American counterpart to the European GALA conference, and serves as an outlet for generative-oriented research on normal, second, bilingual and disordered language acquisition. The inaugural conference was held on the campus of the University of Hawaii at Manoa from December 17-20, 2004 and was co-sponsored by the Department of Linguistics and the Department of Second Language Studies. The conference began with a four hour long tutorial on syntax and acquisition, given by Professor Luigi Rizzi (University of Siena). The two plenary speakers were Professor Nina Hyams (UCLA) and Professor Rex A. Sprouse (Indiana University). There were a total of 35 oral presentations and 55 posters presented, 17 of which were in a special PhD student poster session. The proceedings contain a total of 36 papers, the first three by the invited speakers: Luigi Rizzi, Nina Hyams and Rex A. Sprouse. The remainder were submitted by the presenters of oral talks and the presenters of the 10 best posters (determined by conference attendees).

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Table of Contents

Volume 1

Aspect Matters (Plenary Address)
Nina Hyams (1-18)

Grammatically-Based Target-Inconsistencies in Child Language
(Syntax / Acquisition Tutorial)
Luigi Rizzi (19-49)

The Bankruptcy of the Stimulus (Plenary Address)
Rex A. Sprouse (51-63)

Acquisition of A-Movement
Misha Becker (65-75)

(Mis)interpretations of Adverbials at the Left-edge in Early English-French as a Reflex of the Sentence Processor
Laurent Dekydtspotter and Audrey Liljestrand (77-88)

What can Production Reveal about Principle B?
Jill G. de Villiers, Jacqueline Cahillane and Emily Altreuter (89-100)

Acquiring Particle Verbs: Age and Transfer Effects in SLA
Jill Gilkerson (101-112)

Subject Realization in Early Hebrew/English Bilingual Acquisition: The Role of Crosslinguistic Influence
Aviya Hacohen and Jeannette Schaeffer (113-124)

Children’s Passives and Their Resulting Interpretation
Christopher Hirsch and Ken Wexler (125-136)

L2 Processing of German Word Order Variation
Holger Hopp (137-148)

On Root Infinitives in Early Child Russian
Elena Kallestinova (149-160)

The L2 Acquisition of Japanese Complex Relative Clauses
Yuhko Kayama (161-169)

Adult L2-learners Lack the Maximality Presupposition, Too!
Heejeong Ko, Tania Ionin, and Ken Wexler (171-182)

Learning to Control L2 Prosody
Mariko Kondo (183-193)

The Position of Early WH-Elements in American Sign Language and Brazilian Sign Language
Diane Lillo-Martin and Ronice Müller de Quadros (195-203)

Semantic Interactions of Quantificational Expressions in Child Language
Utako Minai and Stephen Crain (205-216)

Covert Downward Entailment in Child English and Japanese
Utako Minai, Takuya Goro and Stephen Crain (217-228)

Volume 2

Where does It Land?
Yoichi Miyamoto and Keiko Okada (229-240)

The Parameter of Clitic-Climbing: The View from Child Spanish
Miguel Rodríguez-Mondoñedo, William Snyder, and Koji Sugisaki (241-248)

Default Pronouns and Root Infinitives in Malagasy Acquisition
Dimitrios Ntelitheos and Cecile Manorohanta (249-260)

Against Morphological Transfer
Eunjeong Oh and Maria Luisa Zubizarreta (261-272)

Knowledge of Binding, Raising and Passives in Williams Syndrome
Alexandra Perovic and Ken Wexler (273-284)

The Imperative as RI Analogue: New Data and Competing Theories
Manola Salustri and Nina Hyams (285-296)

Parameter Missetting and Later Resetting
Manuela Schönenberger (297-308)

Wh-scope Marking in German-English and Japanese-English Interlanguage: Does Inter-learner Variation Reflect Syntactic or Processing Differences?
Barbara Schulz (309-320)

Learnability in the L2A of Semantics
Roumyana Slabakova (321-332)

Acquisition of L2 Gender: Locating the Source of the Problem
Patti Spinner and Alan Juffs (333-344)

Evaluating the Variational Model of Language Acquisition
Koji Sugisaki and William Snyder (345-352)

Shifting Standards: Children’s Understanding of Gradable Adjectives
Kristen Syrett, Evan Bradley, Christopher Kennedy,
and Jeffrey Lidz (353-364)

On the Role of the L1 in the L2 Acquisition of German Word Order by Young English-Speaking Children
Jennie Tran (365-376)

Prosodic Constraints on the Production of Grammatical Morphemes in Early French: The Case of Determiners
Annie Tremblay (377-388)

Wh-movement in L2 Grammars: Evidence for Parameter Resetting
Mari Umeda (389-400)

Scrambled Indefinite NPs in Child L2 Dutch: Comparing Production and Comprehension
Sharon Unsworth (401-412)

The Economy Hierarchy of Referential Dependencies in Child Language: Evidence from Dutch VP-ellipsis
Nada Vasic, Sergey Avrutin and Esther Ruigendijk (413-424)

Children’s Interpretation of wh/every Interaction in Japanese
Kyoko Yamakoshi (425-436)

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