UCONN Working Papers in Linguistics

Cranberry Linguistics 2
University of Connecticut Working Papers in Linguistics
Volume 12, 2004
Edited by Miguel Rodríguez-Mondoñedo and M. Emma Ticio

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Table of Contents

Relative Clauses in Child Russian: a Comparison with Serbo-Croatian
Eva G. Bar-Shalom and Inna Vinnitskaya

Two notes on right node raising
Željko Bošković

Syntactic Analysis of the “So Don’t I” Construction
Jason Freeman

Information Structure and the Referential Status of Bare Plurals
Norberto Moreno and Isabel Pérez

A Sociolinguistic and Historical Investigation of “So don’t I”
Dino Angelo Pappas

On the Syntactic Status of the Quote
Arthur Stepanov and Penka Stateva

On the position of subjects in Puerto Rican Spanish
M. Emma Ticio


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