UCONN Working Papers in Linguistics

The View from Arjona
University of Connecticut Working Papers in Linguistics
Volume 13 2005
Edited by Masashi Nomura, Fumikazu Niinuma, and Lara Reglero

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Table of Contents

Revolution #9 – Not by the Beatles
Klaus Abels

On the Feature [ATR] and the Evolution of the Short High Vowels of Latin into Romance
Andrea Calabrese

Floating Quantifiers and the Structure of Romanian
Simona Herdan

The Left Branch Condition in the Acquisition of Japanese
Masashi Nomura and Koko Hirotsu

Again in Japanese and the Visibility Parameter
Toshiko Oda

Resetting Parameters in L2 Acquisition: Wh-islands and That-Trace Effects
Lara Reglero

Icelandic Case Fluctuation and Movement into Theta-Positions
Dorian Roehrs


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