Stefan Kaufmann

Associate Professor of Linguistics

Education:Ph.D. Stanford University

Research areas:Semantics, Philosophy of Language, Japanese Linguistics, Computational Linguistics


  • The semantics of conditional sentences and (other) modal expressions; interactions with tense, aspect, and other grammatical categories in English and across languages, especially Japanese. Foundations of semantic theory; interactions with philosophical logic and cognitive psychology. Corpus-based and machine-learning methods in semantic analysis.


  • Kaufmann, Magdalena and Stefan Kaufmann. To appear. Modality and mood in formal semantics. In Nuyts, Jan and Johan van der Auwera, editors, Oxford Handbook of Modality and Mood. Oxford University Press.
  • Kaufmann, Magdalena and Stefan Kaufmann. 2015. Conditionals and Modality. In Lappin, Shalom and Chris Fox, editors, Handbook of Contemporary Semantic Theory, 2nd edition, pages 237-270. Wiley-Blackwell.
  • Kaufmann, Stefan. 2015. Conditionals, conditional probabilities, and conditionalization. In Schmitz, Hans-Christian and Henk Zeevat, editors, Bayesian Natural Language Semantics and Pragmatics, pages 71-94. Springer.
  • Kaufmann, Stefan. 2013. Causal Premise Semantics. Cognitive Science 37:1136-1170.
  • Cariani, Fabrizio, Magdalena Kaufmann, and Stefan Kaufmann. 2013. Deliberative modality under epistemic uncertainty. Linguistics and Philosophy 36(3):225-259.
  • Sagi, Eyal, Daniel Diermeier, and Stefan Kaufmann. 2013. Identifying issue frames in text. PLoS ONE 8(7):e69185.
  • Dehghani, Morteza, Rumen Iliev, and Stefan Kaufmann. 2012. Causal explanation and fact mutability in counterfactual reasoning. Mind & Language 27(1):55-85.
  • Kaufmann, Stefan and Misa Miyachi. 2011. On the temporal interpretation of Japanese temporal clauses. Journal of East Asian Linguistics 20:33-76.
  • Sagi, Eyal, Stefan Kaufmann, and Brady Clark. 2011. Tracing semantic change with Latent Semantic Analysis. In Allen, Kathryn and Justyna Robinson, editors, Current Methods in Historical Semantics, pages 161-183. De Gruyter Mouton.
Contact Information
Phone(860) 486-8123
Office LocationOak 364