Past Colloquia

Anna Papafragou, University of Pennsylvania October 7, 2022 Informativeness in language production and acquisition
Viola Schmitt, Humboldt University of Berlin November 18, 2022 World pluralities and world quantification: How do modal operators ‘use’ worlds?
Colin Philips, University of Maryland February 3, 2023 Arguments, Prediction, and Production
Robert Stalnaker, MIT February 17, 2023 Pragmatics and Semantics of Belief Attribution, De Re and De Dicto
Ksenia Zanon, University of Cambridge March 24, 2023 Negated polar questions and other negation in Russian
Mark Baker, Rutgers March 31, 2023 Upward C-Agreement and Addressee Agreement: A Unified Approach 
Byron Ahn, Princeton University April 14, 2023 “Themself or Themselves?” Social and Grammatical Variation
David Embick, University of Pennsylvania April 28, 2023 Stative passives: Some new perspectives 
Miloje Despic,
Cornell University
October 15, 2021 Labeling and the Inverse System in Algonquian (joint work w/ Michael Hamilton)
Artemis Alexiadou,
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
October 26, 2021 A non-canonical view of causative alternation
David Barner,
University of California San Diego
November 19, 2021 Inference, Alternatives, and Meaning In Language Acquisition
Kathryn Davidson,
Harvard University
December 3, 2021 Compositionality in depiction and description
Roland Pfau,
University of Amsterdam
February 11, 2022 Sign language negation – reconsidering typological classifications
Richard Meier,
The University of Texas at Austin
February 25, 2022 ASL Was Once an Emergent Sign Language: A Quantitative View of the Early Signing Community at the American School for the Deaf and of Its Linguistic Ecology from 1817-1867 (or Since When Does UConn’s Linguistics Department Host Talks About the History of Hartford?)
Richard Kayne,
New York University
April 8, 2022 Hypercomplex Inversion and the Status of Expletive Pronouns
Cleo Condoravdi,
Stanford University
April 22, 2022 Only and the prejacent problem
Andrew Nevins, University College London October 16, 2020 Expressions of Paucity: Where is the Upper Bound?
Kamil Ud Deen, University of Hawai’i October 23, 2020 Empathy and Reflexive Binding in Child Japanese
Luisa Marti, Queen Mary University December 4, 2020 The numeral-noun construction: typology and semantics.
Laura Kalin, Princeton Univeristy January 29, 2021 Infixes really are (underlyingly) prefixes/suffixes: Evidence from allomorphy on the fine timing of infixation.
Jason Merchant, University of Chicago February 12, 2021 Do roots or words lexically select? New and old puzzles.
Hadas Kotek, MIT/Apple March 5, 2021 Gender representation in constructed example sentences.
Yasutada Sudo, University College London April 23, 2021 What primes what?: An experimental framework for exploring alternatives for scalar implicatures.
Kyle Johnson, University of Massachusetts October 4, 2019
Masha Polinsky, University of Maryland November 15, 2019
Jeffrey Lidz, University of Maryland December 6, 2019
Hazel Pearson, Queen Mary University February 21, 2020
Diane Brentari, University of Chicago February 28, 2020
David Barner, UCSD March 27, 2020 cancelled
Gary Thoms, NYU April 24, 2020
Michael Wagner, McGill University October 12, 2018 The Contradiction Contour in Question Responses and Elsewhere
Ming Xiang, University of Chicago October 26, 2018 Bridging the Gap between Parsing and Interpretation through Bayesian Pragmatic Inferences
Donka Farkas, University of California, Santa Cruz November 9, 2018 Non-Intrusive Questions
Martina Wiltschko, University of British Columbia November 30, 2018 Nominal speech act structure and the distinction between grammatical person and speech act participants
Boris Harizanov, Stanford University March 29, 2019 Structural conditions on the pronunciation of movement chains: Evidence from verb doubling in Russian and VP resumption in Danish
Valentine Hacquard, University of Maryland April 5, 2019 What to learn in learning attitude and modal meanings
Charles Yang, University of Pennsylvania April 26, 2019 Learnability vs. Grammar
Veneeta Dayal, Rutgers University September 29, 2017
Rajesh Bhatt, UMass Amherst November 17, 2017
Florian Schwarz, UPenn December 1, 2017
Tim Hunter, UCLA February 16, 2018
Neil Myler, Boston University March 2, 2018 Some puzzles in isiXhosa causatives
Amy Rose Deal, Berkeley March 30, 2018
Heather Newell, UQAM April 6, 2018
Angelika Kratzer, UMass Amherst September 9, 2016
Danny Fox, MIT September 23, 2016
Rolf Noyer, UPenn October 28, 2016
David Lightfood, Georgetown November 18, 2016
Norvin Richards, MIT December 2, 2016
Chris Collins, NYU February 24, 2017
Roumyana Pancheva, USC March 31, 2017
Ruth Kramer, Georgetown April 14, 2017
Vera Gribanova, Stanford September 4, 2015
Seth Cable, UMass Amherst October 9, 2015 The Curious Implicatures of Optional Past Tense in Tlingit (and Other Languages)
Brian Dillon, UMass Amherst November 6, 2015 Grammatical illusions in real time sentence processing: New findings and perspectives
Lisa Selkirk, Umass Amherst February 19, 2016 Edge-sensitivity in Bantu sentence tonology: Luganda, Xitsonga, Bemba
Klaus Abels, UCL February 26, 2016 Locality and identity in sluicing
David Poeppel, NYU March 25, 2016
Kristen Syrett, Ruters April 1, 2016
Heidi Harley, Arizona April 28, 2016
Julie Legate, University of Pennsylvania September 05, 2014
Philippe Schlenker, NYU September 26, 2014
Bob Frank, Yale University October 10, 2014
Jesse Snedeker(Harvard University) October 17, 2014
Elan Dresher, University of Toronto February 13, 2015
Sigrid Beck, University of Tübingen February 17, 2015
Omer Preminger, University of Maryland April 10, 2015
Mats Rooth, Cornell University April 24, 2015
Paul Kiparksy, Stanford University May 1, 2015
Glyne Piggott, McGill University October 25, 2013
Mark Baker, Rutgers University November 22, 2013
Jim McCloskey, UC Santa Cruz January 31, 2014
Jon Nissenbaum, Brooklyn College, CUNY March 14, 2014
Liina Pylkkänen, NYU April 11, 2014
Sabine Iatridou, MIT April 25, 2014
Anna Papafragou, University of Delaware May 2, 2014
Charles Yang, University of Pennsylvania September 28, 2012
Roger Schwarzschild, Rutgers University October 26, 2012
Juan Uriagereka, University of Maryland November 9, 2012
Uli Sauerland, ZAS, Berlin November 30, 2012
Jason Merchant, University of Chicago February 15, 2013
Mark Aronoff, Stony Brook University April 5, 2013
Jeff Lidz, University of Maryland April 26, 2013
Lisa Davidson, NYU May 3, 2013
Kai von Fintel, MIT October 21, 2011
John McCarthy, UMass, Amherst October 28, 2011
Karlos Arregi, University of Chicago December 2, 2011
Tania Ionin, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign December 8, 2011
Karin Stromswold, Rutgers University 10 February, 2012
Alec Marantz, NYU 23 March, 2012
Gennaro Chierchia, Harvard University 13 April, 2012
Rajesh Bhatt, UMass, Amherst 27 April, 2012
Norvin Richards, MIT October 1, 2010 Affix support and the EPP
Satoshi Tomioka, University of Delaware November 12, 2010 Embedded wa-phrases, predication & judgement theory
Danny Fox, MIT December 3, 2010 Relevance and Presuppostion projection
Martin Hackl, MIT February 4, 2011
Rolf Noyer(University of Pennsylvania) February 25, 2011 Proto-Indo-European Accentuation
Norbert Hornstein, University of Maryland March 25, 2011 Two Grammers for Bound Pronouns
David Embick, University of Pennsylvania April 8, 2011 Dimensions of, PF Interface Visibility
Nina Hyams, UCLA April 22, 2011 When tense and aspect compete in child language
Elena Guerzoni(USC) October 2, 2009 Negative Concord, Presuppositions and Focus
Raffaella Zanuttini(Yale) October 9, 2009 Subject-verb agreement in Appalachian English
Adam Albright, MIT October 16, 2009 Inflection class consistency without inflection class features
William G. Sakas, Hunter College October 30, 2009 Disambiguating Syntactic Triggers
Ashwini Deo, Yale December 4, 2009 Unifying the Imperfective and the Progressive: Partitions as Quantificational Domains
Heidi Harley(Univeristy of Arizona) January 29, 2010 The Cononical Use Constraint, Nouns, Roots, & Idiomatic Domains
Yosef Grodzinsky, Mcgill University [cancelled]
Masao Ochi, Osaka University/Harvard University February 26, 2010 On extended nominal projections in Japanese
Geert Booij, University of Leiden/Harvard University March 26, 2010 Construction morphology and the hierarchical lexicon
Norvin Richards, MIT [cancelled]
Morris Halle, MIT October 2, 2008 The Hard-Core Phonology of Modern Russian
Valentine Hacquard, UMD October 9, 2008 How Italians get what they want, or want what they get
Lila Gleitman, UPenn October 16, 2008 Fearful Symmety: ‘similar’ and similar concepts
Norbert Hornstein, UMD [cancelled]
Karin Stromswold, Rutgers University [cancelled] Who did what to whom: A cross-linguistic investigation
Paul Portner, Georgetown [cancelled] Permission and Modality
David Embick, University of Pennsylvania [cancelled] Roots, States Stative Passives
Maria Polinsky, Harvard April 17, 2009 Embedding, Relatively Speaking