• UConn Linguists at the LSA Annual Meeting
    The 96th Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America is taking place January 6th-9th in Washington, DC and virtually. UConn linguistics will be well represented at the conference with talks by: Si Kai Lee. Movement is Exhausting: Optional wh-fronting in Singlish is not free (in-person) Muyi Yang. The closeness constraint on focus association and the […]
    Posted on January 6, 2022
  • Magda & Stefan Kaufmann | Article in Journal of Semantics
    Magda and Stefan Kaufmann’s paper “Iffy Endorsements” has been published online as an advance article in the Journal of Semantics. Abstract: Theories of imperatives differ in how they aim to derive the distributional and functional properties of this clause type. One point of divergence is how to capture the fact that imperative utterances convey the […]
    Posted on December 27, 2021
  • Magdalena Kaufmann | ILLC Colloquium
    Magdalena Kaufmann gave a Discourse in Philosophy (DIP) colloquium at the Institute for Logic, Language, and Computation (ILLC) at the University of Amsterdam on December 17th, 2021. Her talk was entitled on “Conditional conjunctions and topics in conditionals”. More information on the talk can be found here. 
    Posted on December 27, 2021

The Department of Linguistics at the University of Connecticut is a leading center for linguistics research with data from a large number of spoken and signed languages, focusing on theoretical research in generative grammar, and experimental research on child language acquisition.

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