Ling Lunch Fall 2023

Date Presenter In person/online
Sep. 5th
Zixi Liu In person New twist of an old story: Japanese NOM object
Sep. 12th Chai-Wei (Jarry) Chuang In person Right Dislocation in Chinese: Consequence of Comp-to-Spec Movement
Sep. 19th Walter Shaw In person Upward Reanalyses of Verbal Morphology in Proto-Celtic
Oct. 3rd Tarcisio Dias In person Slippery subjects in Brazilian Portuguese
Oct. 17th Linghui (Eva) Gan In person + online On the clause-final mystery
Oct. 31st Yixuan (Pepper) Yan In person + online Do Conditionals Appear Late? Counter-Evidence from Mandarin
Nov. 7th Jiabao Fan In person On Mandarin-speaking children’s acquisition of recursive RCs under a formal classification system for recursion


Organizers: Mingjiang & Tarcisio



Ling Lunch Spring 2023

Date Presenter In person/online
Jan. 31st
Kangzheng Gao In person Dissertation proposal: A constraint-based approach to syntactic parameter-setting
Feb. 21st
Thanos Iliadis
In person The distribution of Modern Greek idhios
Mar. 7th
Robin Jenkins In person Verb-stranding ellipsis in Uyghur
Spring recess: March 12–18
Mar. 21st
Mar. 28th
William / C.Chesi In person TBD
Apr. 25th Xuetong Yuan & Ka Fai
 In person + online
Defocus leads to syntax-prosody mismatches in right dislocated structures
Last week of class

Organizers: Qiushi & Giulio



Ling Lunch Fall 2022

Date Presenter  In person

/ online

Sept 6th  Omar Agha In person Homogeneity effects in English habitual sentences
Sept 13th Evan Zysman & William Snyder In person An acquisitional connection between VPE and contracted negation
Sept 20th Qiushi Chen In person Deriving Mizenkei in Old Japanese verbal morphology
Sept 27th  Mingjiang Chen In person A decomposition analysis of Agent: Evidence from adverbial distribution
Zixi Liu In person At the crossroads of aspect and passivization: Agent in Mandarin locative inversion
Oct 4th  Yuya Noguchi In person Embedded wh-questions, concealed questions, and wh-movement in Japanese
Oct 11th  Shangyan Pan In person Non-active voice in Mandarin
Oct 18th Sharmin Ahmadi In person On double object construction in Ardalani Kurdish
Oct 25th   Hanyu Liu In person An ultra-high tone in Changsha Mandarin
Nov 1st  Athanasios Iliadis  In person On asymmetric extractions from coordinate structures
Nov 8th   Yusuke Yagi & Yuta Tatsumi Online Some issues in binding and crossover of plural pronouns
Nov 29th  Tarcisio Dias In person  Structuring idiomatic words: the case of Brazilian Portuguese augmentatives
Last week of class

Organizers: Qiushi & Giulio



Ling Lunch Spring 2022

Date Presenter In person

/ online  

Feb 15th Shengyun Gu Online Dissertation prospectus defense 
Feb 22nd  In person Micro-talk Practice
March 1st  Guest Talk: Maria Kouneli  (Leipzig) In person N-to-D movement in the Kipsigis DP
March 8th   Beccy Lewis
In person An intervention effect in associative plural constructions (PLC practice talk)
Spring recess: March 13–19
March 29th Eva Gan In person Syntactic structure of argument: Wh-questions in Hong Kong Sign Language (GP1)
April 5th   Penelope Daniel In person Deriving SOVC word order in Mandinka

(ACAL Practice talk)

April 12th Tarcisio Dias In person Hyper-raising and the voiding of freezing effects 

(CLS58 Practice talk)

April 26th Kai-Fai Yip & Comfort Ahenkorah (Yale) In person Non-agreeing resumptive pronouns and partial Copy Deletion
Last week of class

Organizers: Yuya & Maggie



Ling Lunch Fall 2021 

Date Presenter



In person/ via zoom

September 21, 2021  Yuya Noguchi On a correlation between focus and island sensitivity in Japanese elliptical constructions 12:30pm via zoom
October 19, 2021 Penelope Daniel Differential Argument Marking and case assignment by a functional head 12:30pm In person (Oak 338)
October 26, 2021   Reserved for Prof. Artemis Alexiadou’s talk (Venue: TBA)
November 2, 2021  Sarah Asinari Numeral phrases in Slavic & Uralic languages 12:30pm In person (Oak 338)
November 9, 2021  Teruyuki Mizuno A Past-as-Past account of unattainable desires  12:30pm In person (Oak 338)
November 16, 2021  Paula Fenger Limits of Umlaut in Sinhala 12:30pm In person (Oak 338)
Nov 21-27 Thanksgiving recess
November 30, 2021   Rebecca Lewis Singular ‘us’ in British English 12:30pm In person (Oak 338)

Organizers: Yuya & Maggie



Ling Lunch  Spring 2020

Date Name Topic Time Room
January 28, 2020 Muyi Yang Strategies of question formation with Q-particles 12:30pm Oak 338
February 11, 2020 Si Kai Lee Subject to Topichood in Singlish 12:30pm Oak 338
March 3, 2020 Yuta Tatsumi A semantic constraint on pronominal elements in Japanese 12:30pm Oak 338
March 31, 2020 Pavel Koval The hyper-sensitive subject agreement in Akebu 12:30pm Virtual session
April 21, 2020 Penelope Daniel The selectional limitations of feel like 12:30pm Virtual session
April 28, 2020 Sarah Asinari Wh-Quantifier Float: Not A/A’ but ±Q Feature 12:30pm Virtual session


Ling Lunch  Fall 2019

Date Name Topic Time Room
September 10, 2019 Renato Lacerda Subject Topics 12:30pm  Oak 338
October 8, 2019 Paula Fenger & Gísli Harðarson One classy number – linking morphemes in Dutch and German 12:30pm Oak 338
October 22, 2019 Rebecca Lewis Subjects of verbal gerunds 12:30pm Oak 338
October 29, 2019 Yoshiki Fujiwara (Non-)wh-scope marking in Japanese 12:30pm Oak 338
November 5, 2019 Si Kai Lee Tenselessness in Singlish 12:30pm Oak 338
November 12, 2019 Sarah Asinari Wh-quantifier float in Dialectal American English: Consequences for theories of Quantifier Float 12:30pm Oak 338
November 19, 2019 Sabine Laszakovits A computational typology of syntactic dependencies  12:30pm Oak 338
December 3, 2019 Nadine Theiler Witness Protection 12:30pm Oak 338

Organizers: Ivana & Yuya

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