Linguistics Colloquium Series

The Linguistics Colloquium Series is partially funded by the UConn Graduate Student Senate.

Organizers: Beccy & Robin


Name Title Date
Andrew Nevins, University College London Expressions of Paucity: Where is the Upper Bound? October 16, 2020
Kamil Ud Deen, University of Hawai’i Empathy and Reflexive Binding in Child Japanese October 23, 2020
Luisa Marti, Queen Mary University The numeral-noun construction: typology and semantics. December 4, 2020
Laura Kalin, Princeton Univeristy Infixes really are (underlyingly) prefixes/suffixes: Evidence from allomorphy on the fine timing of infixation. January 29, 2021
Jason Merchant, University of Chicago Do roots or words lexically select? New and old puzzles. February 12, 2021
Hadas Kotek, MIT/Apple Gender representation in constructed example sentences. March 5, 2021
Yasutada Sudo, University College London What primes what?: An experimental framework for exploring alternatives for scalar implicatures. April 23, 2021

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