Alumni (since 1990)

Alumni (since 1990) Current Position Dissertation
Jun Abe Tohoku Gakuin University, Japan (Emeritus) (1993) Binding Conditions and Scrambling Without A/A’ Distinction
Klaus Abels University College London (2003) Successive Cyclicity, Anti-Locality, and Adposition Stranding
Sung-Ho Ahn Hanyang University, Republic of Korea (1990) Korean Quantification and Universal Grammar
Duk-Ho An Konkuk University, S. Korea (2007) Syntax at the PF Interface
Adolfo Ausin Michigan State University (2001) On A-movement
Ana Bastos Gee Adjunct faculty at the University of Connecticut, Stamford (2011) Information Structure within the traditional nominal domain: the case of Brazilian Portuguese
Cedric Boeckx Catalan Institute for Advanced Studies, Universitat de Barcelona (2001) Mechanisms of Chain Formation
Željko Bošković University of Connecticut (1995) Principles of Economy in Nonfinite Complementation
Carole Boster University of Connecticut (Language Acquisition, J. Comparative Germanic Linguistics) (1997) Processing and Parameter Setting in Language Acquisition: A Computational Approach
David Braze Haskins Laboratories, Connecticut (2002) Grammaticality, Acceptability and Sentence Processing: A Psycholinguistic Study
Deborah Chen Pichler Gallaudet University, Washington, D.C. (2001) Word Order Variability and Acquisition in American Sign Language
Hsu-Te Cheng Emory University (2013) Argument Ellipsis, Classifier Phrases, and the DP Parameter
Jai-Hyoung Cho Ajou University, Republic of Korea (1994) Scrambling: Crossover, Reconstruction and Binding Theory
Inkie Chung Sogang University, S. Korea (2007) Ecology of PF: A Study of Korean Phonology and Morphology in a Derivational Approach
Jean Crawford Intel Corporation (2012) Developmental Perspectives on the Acquisition of the Passive
Marcela Depiante University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire (2000) The Syntax of Deep and Surface Anaphora: A Study of Null Complement Anaphora and Stripping/Bare Argument Ellipsis
Miloje Despić Assistant professor, Cornell University (2011) Syntax in the Absence of Determiner Phrase
Sarah Felber University of Maryland (2004) Isolating the Grammar: Removing Extra-Grammatical Effects from the Theory of Grammar through Investigation of Grammatical Viruses
Lisa Ferro MITRE Natural Language Processing group (1995) A Cross-Linguistic Study of Phonotactics and Vowel Length
Natalia Viktorovna Fitzgibbons Concordia University, Montreal, Canada (2010) Licensers and Meanings: Structural Properties of Dependent Indefinites
Zhanna Glushan (2013) Animacy in Russian Morphosyntax
Corina Goodwin University of Connecticut (2016) English Morphological Development in Bimodal Bilingual Children: Deaf Children with Cochlear Implants and Hearing Children of Deaf Adults
Elaine Grolla Universidade de São Paulo (2005) Pronouns as elsewhere elements: implications for language acquisition
Gísli Rúnar Harđarson University of Iceland (2016) Cycling through grammar: on compounds, noun phrases and domains
Simona Herdan Computational linguist, Oracle Corporation (Washington, DC) (2008) Degrees and Amounts in Relative Clauses
Kazuko Hiramatsu University of Michigan-Flint (2000) Accessing Linguistic Competence: Evidence from Children’s and Adults’ Acceptability Judgments
Hiroto Hoshi Akita University, Japan (1994) Passive Verbs and Light Verbs: A Study on Theta Role Assignment
I-Ta Hsieh Graduate Institute of Linguistics, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan (2012) Polarity in Conditionals and Conditional-like Constructions
Tien-Hsin Hsin Academia Sinica, Taiwan (2000) Aspects of Maga Rukai Phonology
Atsu Inoue Kanto Gakuin University, Japan (1991) Comparative Study of Parsing in English and Japanese
Yasuo Ishii Kanda University of International Studies, Japan (1991) Operators and Empty Categories in Japanese
Bosook Kang Sookmyung Women’s University (2005) Acquisition of Language Particular Properties under Impoverished Input
Jungmin Kang Queens College, CUNY (2014) On the absence of TP and its consequences: Evidence from Korean
Michiya Kawai Huron University College, Canada (1992) Missing Object Constructions and Null Operator predication
Jeong-Seok Kim Yeungnam University, Republic of Korea (1997) Syntactic Focus Movement and Ellipsis: A Minimalist Approach
Elena Koulidobrova Assistant Professor in Linguistics/TESOL, Central Connecticut State University (2012) When the quiet surfaces: ‘Transfer’ of argument omission in the speech of ASL-English bilinguals
Pei-Jung Kuo National Chiayi University (2009) IP internal movement and topicalization
Laurel-Anne LaPorte-Grimes (2001) The Syntax and Acquisition of Verbal Inflection
Jeong-Shik Lee Wonkwang University, Republic of Korea (1992) Case Alternation in Korean: Case Minimality
Eun-Ji Lee Daebul University, Republic of Korea (1992) On the Extended Projection Principle
Rhang-hye-yun Lee Korea University, Republic of Korea (1994) Economy of Representation
Laura Lim Conway Palumbo Haskins Laboratories, Connecticut (1997) Excavating Semantics
Hideki Maki Gifu University, Japan (1995) The Syntax of Particles
Roger Martin Yokohama National University, Japan (1996) Minimalist Theory of PRO and Control
Luisa Martí Martínez University of Kent, UK (2003) Contextual Variables
Ayumi Matsuo Kobe College, Japan (1998) A Comparative Study of Tense and Ellipsis
Kazumi Matsuoka Keio University, Japan (1998) The Acquisition of Japanese Case Particles and the Theory of Case Checking
Troy Messick Rutgers University (2017) The morphosyntax of self ascription: A cross-linguistic study
Yoichi Miyamoto Osaka University, Japan (1994) Secondary Predicates and Tense
Irina Monich University of Surrey, UK (2014) Morphosyntax and Tonology of Sotho Languages
Beata Moskal Goethe Universität, Frankfurt, Germany (2015) Domains on the Border: Between Morphology and Phonology
Keiko Murasugi Nanzan University, Japan (1991) Noun Phrases in Japanese and English: A Study in Syntax, Learnability and Acquisition
Naoko Nemoto Mt Holyoke College, Massachusetts (1993) Chains and Case Positions: A Study From Scrambling in Japanese
Wei-Jia Ni National Institutes of Health, Maryland (1991) Referentiality and Garden Path Phenomena
Fumikazu Niinuma Morioka University, Japan (2003) The Syntax of Honorification
Masashi Nomura Chukyo University, Japan (2005) Nominative Case and AGREE(ment)
Masao Ochi Osaka University, Japan (1999) Constraints on Feature Checking
Toshiko Oda Tokyo Keizai University, Japan (2008) Degree Constructions in Japanese
Sei-Rang Oh Dongguk University (2005) Plurality Markers across Languages
Satoshi Oku Hokkaido University, Japan (1998) A Theory of Selection and Reconstruction in the Minimalist Perspective
Javier Ormazabal University of the Basque Country, Spain (1995) The Syntax of Complementation: On the Connection Between Syntactic Structure and Selection
Koichi Otaki Tenure-Track Assistant Professor, Kanazawa Gakuin University, Japan (2014) Ellipsis of Arguments: Its Acquisition and Theoretical Implications
Bum-Sik Park Dongguk University (2005) Identity and locality in ellipsis
Myung-Kwan Park Dongguk University, Republic of Korea (1994) Morpho-Syntactic Study of Korean Verbal Inflection
Heeheon Park Honam University, Republic of Korea (1996) Government Relations in Korean Phonology
Nina Radkevich University of York, UK (2010) On Location: the structure of case and adpositions
Natalia Rakhlin Wayne State University (2007) Semantic Manifestations of the Developing Theory of Mind
Lara Reglero Florida State University (2004) A’-Dependencies in Spanish and Basque
José Riqueros Morante Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (2013) Spanish Nominal(ization) Patterns
Miguel Rodríguez-Mondoñedo Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (2007) The syntax of objects. Agree and Differential Object Marking
Joaquin Romero Gallego Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain (1995) Gestural Organization in SpanishAn Experimental Study of Spirantization and Aspiration
Jelena Runić Johns Hopkins University (2014) A New Look at Clitics, Clitic Doubling, and Argument Ellipsis: Evidence from Slavic
Yuta Sakamoto Chukyo University (2017) Escape from Silent Syntax
Jaya Sarma Texas A&M University-Kingsville (1991) The Acquisition of WH-Questions in English
Tsuyoshi Sawada (2015) Pleonastic Merger
Nilufer Şener Department of English Language Teacher Education, Kultur University, Istanbul (2011) Semantics and Pragmatics of Evidentials in Turkish
Serkan Şener Department of Turkish Language and Literature, Cognitive Science Program Coordinator, Yeditepe University, Istanbul (2010) (Non-)Peripheral Matters in Turkish Syntax
Zheng Shen Goethe Universität, Frankfurt, Germany (2018) Feature Arithmetic in the Nominal Domain
Peter Smith Goethe Universität, Frankfurt, Germany (2015) Feature Mismatches: Consequences for Syntax, Morphology and Semantics
Karen Smith-Lock Macquarie University, Australia (1992) Morphological Skills in Normal and Specifically Language-impaired Children
Keun-Won Sohn Hannam University, Republic of Korea (1995) Negative Polarity Items, Scope, and Economy
Penka Stateva University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia (2002) How Different are Different Degree Constructions?
Arthur Stepanov University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia (2001) Cyclic Domains: A Minimalist Study on Adjunction and Extraction
Sandra Stjepanovic West Virginia University (1999) What Do Scrambling, Second Position Cliticization and Multiple WH-Fronting have in Common?
Koji Sugisaki Mie University, Japan (2003) Innate Constraints on Language Variation: Evidence from Child Language
Shigeki Taguchi Shinshu University, Nagano, Japan (2015) Syntactic Operations on Heads and their Theoretical Implications
Daiko Takahashi Tohoku University, Japan (1994) Minimality of Movement
Masahiko Takahashi Yamagata University, Japan (2011) Some theoretical consequences of Case-marking in Japanese
Aida Talić University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (2017) From A to N and back: functional and bare projections in the domain of N and A
Oksana Vladimirovna Tarasenkova President and Owner of iSpeak (center for foreign languages), Kostroma, Russia (2010) Acquisition of Agreement and Morphological Features within the Noun Phrase in Russian
Rosalind Thornton Macquarie University, Australia (1990) Adventures in Long-distance Moving. The Acquisition of Complex Wh-questions
Emma Ticio Quesada Syracuse University (2003) On the Structure of DPs
Lyn Tieu Senior Research Fellow, Western Sydney University (2013) Logic and Grammar in Child Language: How Children Acquire the Semantics of Polarity Sensitivity
Neda Todorović University of British Columbia (2016) On the presence/absence of TP cross-linguistically: syntactic properties and temporal interpretations
Asako Uchibori Nihon University, Japan (2000) The Syntax of Subjunctive Complements: Evidence from Japanese
Myriam Uribe-Etxebarria Basque Center for Language Research, and University of the Basque Country, Spain (1993) On the Typology of Negative Polarity Licensing
YongSuk Yoo Korea Naval Academy (2017) Mobility in Syntax: On Contextuality in Labeling and Phases
Julio Villa-García University of Manchester (2012) The Spanish Complementizer System: Consequences for the Syntax of Dislocations and Subjects, Locality of Movement, and Clausal Structure 
Sasa Vukic Universidad Nacional del Comahue, Argentina (2003) On Features and the MLC
Qi-Emily Wang Rush University, Illinois (1995) Are Syllables Units of Speech Motor Organization? — A Kinematic Analysis of Labial and Velar Gestures in Cantonese
Douglas Wharram Memorial University (2003) On the interpretation of (un)certain indefinites in Inuktitut and related languages
Sandra Wood Assistant professor and coordinator of the ASL/Deaf Studies undergraduate program at McDaniel College. (2013) Degrees of Rootedness in Acquisition of Language: A Look at Universal Grammar in Homesigners and Late Learners of Libras
Ting Xu Syracuse University (2016) ‘Almost Again’: On the Semantics and Acquisition of Decomposition Adverbs
Yi Xu Northwestern University, Illinois (1993) Contextual Tonal Variation in Mandarin Chinese
Maki Yamane Kanagawa University, Japan (2003) On Interaction of First-Language Transfer and Universal Grammar in adult Second Language Acquisition: Wh-Movement in L1-Japanese/L2-English Interlanguage
Shu-Ying Yang National Zhanghua Normal University, Taiwan (1991) Dative Alternation in Chinese and English
Kazuko Yatsushiro Zentrum für Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft (ZAS), Berlin, Germany (1999) Case Licensing and VP Structure
Cynthia L. Zocca DeRoma University of Connecticut American English Language Institute (2011) Divide et Impera – Separating Operators from their Variables

In Memoriam

Mariana Lambova (2003) On information structure and clausal architecture: Evidence from Bulgarian
Nianqi Ren (1992) Phonation Types and Stop Consonant Distinctions: Shanghai Chinese
Yoshiyuki Shibata (2015) Exploring Syntax from the Interfaces