David Michaels

Professor Emeritus of Linguistics (In Memoriam)

Education:Ph.D. University of Michigan

Research areas:Phonological Theory


Michaels, D. (1992) Natural and unnatural phonology. In W. Dressler, et al., eds., Phonologica 88, 207-214. Cambridge University Press.

Michaels, D. (1991) Movement rules in phonology. In P.M. Bertinetto, et al., eds., Certamen Phonologicum II, pp. 65-80. Rosenberg and Seiler, Torino.

Michaels, D. (1991) Adjunction in syllable structure. Proceedings of the XIIth International Congress of Phonetic Sciences 5, 114-117. Universite de Provence.

Michaels, D. (1989) Syllable structure, phonetics and phonology. Revue de Phonetique Appliquee 91-93, 331-346.

Michaels, D. (1989) Prosegments and syllable structure. Revista di Grammatica Generativa 14, 55-74.

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