Eva Bar-Shalom

Research Scientist and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Linguistics

Education:Ph.D. University of Connecticut

Research areas:Language Acquisition, Slavic Linguistics, Bilingualism and Language Attrition


In my research, I concentrate on early child language morphosyntax. I have worked on tense, aspect, root infinitives and word order in Russian child language. I have also worked on investigating complex syntactic structures in good and poor readers in English. In addition, I have done work on language attrition in heritage speakers – Russian-English bilinguals, in particular. Currently, I am working on the left-branch extraction of adjectives in the grammar of young Russian children.

Representative Publications

E.G. Bar-Shalom, S. Crain, and D. Shankweiler. 1993. Comparison of comprehension and production in good and poor readers. Applied Psycholinguistics, 14:197‑227.

E.G. Bar-Shalom and W. Snyder. 1998. Optional Infinitives in child Russian: A Comparison with Italian and Polish. Proceedings of GALA, Edinburgh, Scotland.

E.G.Bar-Shalom and I. Vinnitskaya. 2004. Acquisition of relative clauses in Russian. In M. Rodríguez-Mondoñedo and M. Emma Ticio (eds). UCONN Working Papers in Linguistics, vol. 12.

E.G. Bar-Shalom. 2005. Clause structure in early child Russian, in S. Franks, F. Y. Gladney and M. Tasseva-Kurktchieva (eds). Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics 13: The South Carolina Meeting.

E.G. Bar-Shalom and E. Zaretsky. 2008. Selective attrition in Russian-English bilingual children: Preservation of grammatical aspect. International Journal of Bilingualism 12:281-302.

E.G. Zaretsky and E.G. Bar-Shalom. 2010. Does Reading in Shallow L1 Orthography Slow Attrition of Language Specific Morphological Structures? Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics 401-415.

E.G. Bar-Shalom. 2012. Interpretation and grammatical aspect of root infinitives in Child Russian. Papers on Culture and Communication, Pyatigorsk State University, Russia.

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