UConn Linguists at JK

The 27th Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference (JK27) will take place this year at Sogang University in Seoul on October 18-20, 2019. It will feature a number of presentations by UConn linguists, including an invited talk by:

  • Keiko Murasugi. The parallel route the Japanese- and Korean-acquiring children take to attain the adult grammar: An implication for the Minimalist Theory

… and posters by:

  • Shin Fukuda and Jon Sprouse. Islandhood of Japanese Complex NPs and the Factorial Definition of Island Effects
  • Yuya Noguchi and Shun Ihara. What sluicing tells about imperatives
  • Koji Shimamura (Ritsumeikan University, PhD UConn 2018). Neo-Davidsonian Event Semantics, Scrambling and Argument Ellipsis
  • Yuta Tatsumi. A semantic condition on pronominalization

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