Author: Adrian Stegovec

UConn Linguistics at FEAST

The 9th meeting of the Formal and Experimental Advances in Sign Language Theory (FEAST) colloquium, is going to be held virtually on June 1st-4th, hosted by The Centre for Sign Linguistics and Deaf Studies of CUHK. UConn linguistics is going to be represented by a flash talk & poster by:

  • Linghui (Eva) Gan. Indexical shift with(-out) role shift: Evidence from Hong Kong Sign Language

… as well as a keynote talk by:

  • Kazumi Matsuoka (1998 PhD, now Keio University, Japan). Grammatical patterns of ‘mouth-based mouth gestures’ in Japanese Sign Language

UConn Linguistics at FASL

The 30th annual meeting of Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics (FASL 30) is being held virtually on May 13–16, hosted by MIT. UConn linguistics will be represented by a talk by:

  • Magdalena Kaufmann, Neda Todorović (PhD 2016, now at University of British Columbia), and Ivana Jovović. Obviate me (not): Obviation effects in Serbian main and complement clauses

… as well as an invited talk by:

  • Aida Talić (PhD 2017, now at University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign). The (Non)isomorphism between Spell-out Domains and Accent Domains

UConn Linguistics at CLS

The 57th annual meeting of the Chicago Linguistics Society (CLS) is taking place virtually on May 6-8, and UConn linguistics will be well represented at the conference with talks by:

  • Robin Jenkins. Scrambling and Successive Cyclic Movement In Turkish and Uyghur
  • Teruyuki Mizuno. Argument ellipsis, topicality, and a theory of null anaphora
  • Shengyun Gu. On weak hand spread in Shanghai Sign Language: Positive and negative evidence
  • Troy Messick (PhD 2017, now at Rutgers University) & Sreekar Raghotham. Morphosyntax values itself
  • Elena Koulidobrova (PhD 2012, now at Central Connecticut State University), Gabriel Martinez-Vera (PhD 2020, now at Goethe Universität), Kim Kurz & Christopher Kurz. Revisiting gradability in ASL
  • Ksenia Bogomolets (PhD 2020, now at University of Auckland): Syntactic influences on stress: Noun Incorporation and Denominal Verbs in Choguita Rarámuri