Welcome to Omar Agha

We are pleased to announce that Omar Agha will be joining our department for the coming academic year. Omar is finishing up his dissertation in semantics at NYU with Lucas Champollion, having previously received a BA in linguistics and mathematics at the University of Chicago. He will teach courses in semantics/pragmatics and computational linguistics.

You can find more information about his research here.

Welcome Omar!



Carstens to join UConn Linguistics

We are thrilled to announce that Vicki Carstens will join the faculty of the Department of Linguistics as Professor of Syntax in Fall 2020! She comes to us from Southern Illinois University where she is Professor & Chair of Linguistics.

Prof. Carstens is a renowned generative syntactician who has worked extensively on word order and agreement cross-linguistically.  She is a skilled, experienced fieldworker and an expert on African languages with a focus on Bantu.

Check out her research here.

And find out more about her from her 2016 Featured Linguist profile on Linguist List.