UConn Linguistics at M100

MIT’s Department of Linguistics and Philosophy hosted a conference on phonology and morphology on September 8-10th to celebrate Morris Halle’s (1923–2018) centenary. UConn Linguistics was represented at the conference by the following presentations:

  • Shengyun Gu. A sketch of contrastive handshapes and their variants in Shanghai Sign Language
  • Hanyu Liu. Palatalization in Polish under the framework of feature geometry
  • Walter Shaw. Upward reanalyses of verbal morphology in Proto-Celtic
  • Andrea Calabrese. Remarks on Halle (2018)
  • Harry van der Hulst. The phonology of synthetic compounds
  • Andrea Calabrese & Laura Grestenberger. Accentuation and zero grade in the Vedic Sanskrit verbal system

The conference featured posters exclusively, and everyone can take a look at our posters through this link:

UConn Linguistics at SuB

Sinn und Bedeutung 28, hosted by Ruhr University Bochum (RUB), is taking place September 5-8, 2023. UConn linguistics will be well represented at the conference, with the following talks:

  • Muyi Yang (UConn 2023, now at Osaka University). Back to Boolean: Rethinking clausal conjunctions in attitude ascriptions
  • Yu Hashimoto, Yusuke Yagi, and Hajime Mori. Dynamics and alternatives in unconditionals
  • Yusuke Yagi. Local context of logical connectives is not universal: A case study of Japanese disjunction
  • Adina Bleotu, Rodica Ivan, Gabriela Bîlbîie, Mara Panaitescu, Monica Casa, Anton Benz, Lyn Tieu (UConn 2013, now at University of Toronto), & Andreea Nicolae. Multiple disjunctions in child Romanian: On the possible sources of conjunctive readings

… and the following poster presentation:

  • Magdalena Kaufmann, Stefan Kaufmann, Teruyuki Mizuno (UConn 2023, now at Ochanomizu University), and Muyi Yang. Problem solving with Japanese ‘beki’


Picture: UConn contingent at SuB 28

UConn Linguistics at workshops in Tokyo & Ogoto-Onsen

The 2023 Tokyo Workshop on Computational and Theoretical Semantics took place at Ochanomizu University, Tokyo on July 21. UConn linguistics was represented at the workshop by:

  • Muyi Yang (PhD 2023, now Osaka University). Back to Boolean: rethinking clausal conjunctions in attitude reports
  • Teruyuki Mizuno (PhD 2023, now Ochanomizu University). Strategies for Anderson conditionals: their implications for the theory of O- and X-markings
  • Magdalena  and Stefan KaufmannJust in case? 
  • Stefan Kaufmann. Shifty if‘s iffy shifts

Muyi, Teru, Magda, and Stefan also took part in the Workshop in Semantics and Pragmatics at Komorebi in Ogoto-onsen, Shiga, July 24-25, where they presented Problem solving with Japanese “beki”.

(pictured: UConn linguistics contingent at the Ochanomizu University workshop)

    UConn Linguistics at SALT

    The 33nd conference on Semantics and Linguistic Theory (SALT) will take place on May 12-14th at Yale University. UConn will be represented at the conference with presentations by:

    • Ka-Fai Yip, Ushasi Banerjee and Margaret Chui Yi Lee. Are there “weak definites” in bare classifier languages?
    • Yusuke Yagi. Telescope of Incremental Quantification (poster)
    • Vicki Carstens. Extraction evidence on the syntax of Xhosa nominal expressions (workshop on (In)definiteness & Genericity across Languages)