UConn Linguistics at BUCLD

The 45th Annual Boston University Conference on Language Development (BUCLD45) is being held virtually from 5th-8th November 2020. UConn linguistics will be represented …

… with talks by:

  • Shuyan Wang. Universal free choice inferences of dou-constructions in child Mandarin.
  • Emma Nguyen. Can “blick” be passivized? Depends on its meaning: A novel-verb study with English-speaking children.
  • Lyn Tieu (PhD 2013, now at Western Sydney University) and Nichola Shelton. The Comparative-Superlative Generalization in child language.

… and a poster presentations by:

  • Cory Bill, Elena Pagliarini, Jacopo Romoli, Lyn Tieu, and Stephen Crain. Children’s interpretations of every … some sentences.

UConn Linguistics at JK

The 28th Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference was held virtually from 7th-20th September 2020, hosted by the University of Central Lancashire. Several UConn linguists presented at the conference,

… with talks by:

  • Jayeon Park, Satoshi Tomioka and Jon Sprouse. The sustained anterior negativity and syntactic movement dependencies in Korean
  • Yuta Sakamoto (PhD 2017, now at Meiji University). Apparent VP-ellipsis in Japanese: An Argument Ellipsis Account

… and poster presentations by:

  • Hiroaki Saito (UConn/Mie University). On the independence of syntactic selection: a view from Japanese
  • Koji Shimamura (PhD 2018, now at Ristumeikan University). SAYing Appositive Clause and Its Relevance to Hearsay-ish Construction in Japanese
  • Yuya Noguchi. Clefts, freezing effects, and wh-movement in Japanese

NACCL-32 at UConn

The 32nd North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics (NACCL-32), organized by the UConn Department of Literatures, Cultures & Languages, is going to be held online on September 18-20. Several UConn linguists are going to be presenting at the conference:

  • Shuyan Wang. A Prosodic Analysis of Mandarin Classifiers
  • Shengyun Gu. Agreement verbs with weak hand classifier in Shanghai Sign Language
  • Xuetong Yuan & Hiroaki Saito. Matrix shuo in Mandarin
  • Yuanyuan Zhang & Chui Yi Margaret Lee. NPIs and their attenuation effects: Zenme ‘how’ as a case in Mandarin Chinese
  • Nick Huang (National University of Singapore/UConn), Annemarie van Dooren & Gesoel Mendes. Wanting the future: the case of desire and future ​yao
  • Nick Huang (National University of Singapore/UConn). Nominal expressions without nouns in Mandarin

UConn Linguistics at SuB

Sinn und Bedeutung 25 is being held virtually, co-hosted by University College London (UCL) and Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), between 3-9 September 2020. Several UConn linguists will be taking part in the conference, including two talks:

  • Muyi Yang. Disambiguating two conditional construals: Evidence from the optionality of if (project page)
  • Xuetong Yuan. Extracting commitment: the case of Mandarin rising ba-declaratives (project page)

and a Hangout Session on “Professional development in modern academia” co-organized by Magda Kaufmann and Diti Bhandra.

UConn Linguistics at SLS

The 15th annual Slavic Linguistics Society meeting (SLS) will be held virtually on September 4-6. UConn linguistics will be well represented at the conference:

  • Željko Bošković. Distributed Extraction Coordinations (invited talk)

  • Ivana Jovović. Pronominal licensing in BCS

  • Adrian Stegovec. Hidden deficiency: On the structure of Slovenian clitic, strong, and prepositional pronouns

  • Aida Talić (PhD 2017, now at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign). The shape and syntactic place of long-form adjectival inflection in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian

  • Natalia Rakhlin (PhD 2007, now at Wayne State University) and Ljiljana Progovac (Wayne State University). The case of missing subjects in early grammars: Absolutive-like stage in language acquisition

  • Hakyung Jung (Seoul National University) and Krzysztof Migdalski (postdoc 2008, University of Wrocław). Gradients of pronominal and verbal deficiency