NACCL-32 at UConn

The 32nd North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics (NACCL-32), organized by the UConn Department of Literatures, Cultures & Languages, is going to be held online on September 18-20. Several UConn linguists are going to be presenting at the conference:

  • Shuyan Wang. A Prosodic Analysis of Mandarin Classifiers
  • Shengyun Gu. Agreement verbs with weak hand classifier in Shanghai Sign Language
  • Xuetong Yuan & Hiroaki Saito. Matrix shuo in Mandarin
  • Yuanyuan Zhang & Chui Yi Margaret Lee. NPIs and their attenuation effects: Zenme ‘how’ as a case in Mandarin Chinese
  • Nick Huang (National University of Singapore/UConn), Annemarie van Dooren & Gesoel Mendes. Wanting the future: the case of desire and future ​yao
  • Nick Huang (National University of Singapore/UConn). Nominal expressions without nouns in Mandarin

Sprouse | C.L. Baker Award

Jon Sprouse has been announced as the recipient of the LSA’s inaugural C.L. Baker Award, which is awarded to mid-career linguists honoring excellence for scholarship in syntax. Congratulations Jon!

The citation to accompany the award reads as follows: “Jon Sprouse is an experimental syntactician whose work is characterized by imagination, innovation, care, and respect for the facts. He has made methodological contributions of central importance, enabling syntacticians to base their theoretical work on a much more secure empirical foundation. He has also made contributions of central importance to some of the core issues in syntax and linguistic theory more broadly – concerning the nature of island-hood and (in collaboration with Lisa Pearl) the theory of learnability.”

Further information on the award can be found here.