UConn Linguistics at BUCLD

The 45th Annual Boston University Conference on Language Development (BUCLD45) is being held virtually from 5th-8th November 2020. UConn linguistics will be represented …

… with talks by:

  • Shuyan Wang. Universal free choice inferences of dou-constructions in child Mandarin.
  • Emma Nguyen. Can “blick” be passivized? Depends on its meaning: A novel-verb study with English-speaking children.
  • Lyn Tieu (PhD 2013, now at Western Sydney University) and Nichola Shelton. The Comparative-Superlative Generalization in child language.

… and a poster presentations by:

  • Cory Bill, Elena Pagliarini, Jacopo Romoli, Lyn Tieu, and Stephen Crain. Children’s interpretations of every … some sentences.

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