UConn Linguistics at CLS

The 57th annual meeting of the Chicago Linguistics Society (CLS) is taking place virtually on May 6-8, and UConn linguistics will be well represented at the conference with talks by:

  • Robin Jenkins. Scrambling and Successive Cyclic Movement In Turkish and Uyghur
  • Teruyuki Mizuno. Argument ellipsis, topicality, and a theory of null anaphora
  • Shengyun Gu. On weak hand spread in Shanghai Sign Language: Positive and negative evidence
  • Troy Messick (PhD 2017, now at Rutgers University) & Sreekar Raghotham. Morphosyntax values itself
  • Elena Koulidobrova (PhD 2012, now at Central Connecticut State University), Gabriel Martinez-Vera (PhD 2020, now at Goethe Universität), Kim Kurz & Christopher Kurz. Revisiting gradability in ASL
  • Ksenia Bogomolets (PhD 2020, now at University of Auckland): Syntactic influences on stress: Noun Incorporation and Denominal Verbs in Choguita Rarámuri

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