UConn Linguists at BUCLD

A number of UConn linguists presented their work at the 44th Boston University Conference on Language Development (BUCLD) on November 7th-10th, with a talk by:

  • Koji Sugisaki (PhD 2003, now at Mie University). The Ergative Subject Preference in the Acquisition of Wh-questions in Tongan. (with K. Otaki, M. Sato, H. Ono, N. Yusa, S. Kaitapu, Veikune, P. Vea, Y. Otsuka, and M. Koizumi)

… and poster presentations by:

  • Deborah Chen Pichler (PhD 2001, now at Gallaudet University) and Diane Lillo-Martin. Motivation for L2 ASL learning by hearing parents with deaf children.
  • Emma Nguyen. The predictive power of lexical semantics on the passive behavior in young children.
  • Shuyan Wang, Yasuhito Kido (Visiting Scholar 2017-18, now at Kobe University), and William Snyder. Adjectival Resultatives and Novel Compounds in Children’s English: Support for the Compounding Parameter.
  • Kazuko Yatsushiro (PhD 1999, now at Zentrum für Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft). The Acquisition of Argument-Roles in Nominalizations. (with A. Alexiadou) and Asymmetries in Children’s Negative Determiner Production. (with C. Bill and U. Sauerland)
  • Yoichi Miyamoto (PhD 1994, now at Osaka University) and Kazuko Yatsushiro. The relative scope of connectives and negation in Japanese children. (with S. Otani, A. Nicolae, and M. Asano)
  • Marie Coppola. Assistive listening technologies are not enough: Evidence from Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing children’s receptive vocabulary skills. (with E. Carrigan) and Characteristic heritage language use in an emerging language: Evidence from morphosyntax and syntax. (with D. Gagne, A. Senghas, and C. Flagg)

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