UConn Linguistics at FASL

The 29 Annual Meeting of Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics is taking place virtually from May 8th-10th, hosted by the University of Washington. A number of UConn linguists are going to be presenting their work at the conference:

  • Franc Lanko Marušič (University of Nova Gorica) and Zheng Shen (PhD 2018, now at National University of Singapore). Gender agreement with exclusive disjunction in Slovenian

  • Ivana Jovović. On discourse licensing of co-indexed readings of pronouns: Serbo-Croatian strong pronouns as topic-shift anaphors

  • Sandra Stjepanović (PhD 1999, now at West Virginia University). Multiple Source Left Branch Extraction in Serbo-Croatian

  • Pasha Koval. Case transmission as long-distance phi-concord

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