UConn Linguistics at J/K

The 29th Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference will be held online on October 9-11, 2021, co-hosted by Nagoya University and the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics (NINJAL). UConn linguistics will be represented at the conference by:

  • Yuya Noguchi. Where is a monster?: A case study of indexical shift in Japanese
  • Koji Shimamura. (PhD 2018, now at Kobe City University of Foreign Studies) The size of the complement: The properties of the embedded -yoo in Japanese
  • Yuta Tatsumi. (PhD 2021, now at Meikai University) Structural restrictions on sequential voicing in Japanese N-V compounds
  • Yusuke Yagi, Yuta Sakamoto (PhD 2017, now at Meiji University) & Yuta Tatsumi. Against syntactic Neg-raising: Evidence from polarity-reversed ellipsis in Japanese (poster)

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