UConn Linguistics at BUCLD

The 46th Annual Boston University Conference on Language Development (BUCLD46) was held virtually from 4th-7th November 2021. UConn linguistics was represented at the conference with talks by:

  • Corina Goodwin, Janina Piotroski, Diane Lillo-Martin. Hearing and deaf ASL-English bilinguals show typical early bilingual development.
  • Elaine Grolla (PhD 2005, now at Universidade de São Paulo). Syntactic constraints and medial wh-questions in child Brazilian Portuguese.
  • Kazuko Yatsushiro (PhD 1999, now at ZAS Berlin), Chiara Dal Farra, Aurore Gonzalez, Johannes Hein, Silvia Silleresi, Alicia Avellana, Aijun Huang, Johnson Ilori, G. Gayathri, Maria Guasti, Uli Sauerland and Lilla Pintér. The Comparative-Superlative Generalization in child language.

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