Van der Hulst | The Oxford History of Phonology

The Oxford History of Phonology co-edited by B. Elan Dresher and Harry van der Hulst has just been published in ebook form by Oxford University Press and will be published as a physical volume on March 24th.

This 900-page book provides a history of phonology with contributions of 35 authors, covering phonology in Ancient India, Japan and Korea, the Greek and Roman traditions, the role of early writing systems as evidencing phonological structure and then focussing on the start of crucial developments in the nineteens and early twentieth centry, following by theories and school in later times up to the present time.

The volume also contains the following chapters written by UConn linguists:

  • Harry van der Hulst. The (early) history of sign language phonology
  • Nancy A. Ritter. Government Phonology in historical perspective
  • Andrea Calabrese. Historical notes on constraint-and-repair approaches