UConn linguistics at FDSL

The 15th conference on the Formal description of Slavic languages (FDSL15) is taking place October 5th-7th at Humboldt University, Berlin. UConn linguistics will be represented at the conference with talks by:

  • Željko Bošković. Multiple wh-fronting in a typological setting
  • Matic Pavlič, Arthur Stepanov (PhD 2001, now at University of Nova Gorica) & Penka Stateva (PhD 2002, now at University of Nova Gorica). Distribution of the dual in relation to sentential function of the noun and preservation of dual morphology in six Slovenian dialects

… and an invited talk by:

  • Svitlana Antonyuk (post-doc 2018-19, now at Karl Franzens Universität Graz). From scope freezing to, well, everything: Investigations into Ukrainian syntax

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