UConn Linguists at NELS

The 53rd Annual Meeting of the North East Linguistics Society is taking place 12-14th of January, at University of Göttingen (https://nels53.uni-goettingen.de), and UConn Linguistics will be well represented, with main session talks by…
  • Linghui Eva Gan. Perspective Blend and Indexical Shift in Hong Kong Sign Language
  • Miloje Despić (PhD 2011, now at Cornell) & Michael David Hamilton. Consequences of Labeling for Morphophonology: v*P Labeling, Feature Interaction, & Direct-Inverse Systems
  • Paula Fenger (PhD 2020, now at Leipzig University) & Philipp Weisser. Matching locality domains across modules: A case study from Sinhala
  • Gísli Rúnar Harðarson (PhD 2017, now University of Iceland) & Cherlon Ussery. I’ll Give You that Interpretation If You Give Me the Right Configuration: Accounting for the Gradience of Inverse Scope in Insular Scandinavian
  • Hiromune Oda (PhD 2021, now at University of Tokyo). Definite articles need not project DP: A more fine-grained NP/DP-language distinction
  • Yuta Tatsumi (PhD 2021, now at Meikai University). Anaphoric interpretations of the nominal use of Japanese classifier phrases

… and poster presentations by…

    • Robin Jenkins. Accusative case in Turkish & Uyghur and the articulation of the verbal field
    • Ting Xu (PhD 2016, now at Tsinghua University), William Snyder, and Stella Christie. Investigating children’s understanding of Mandarin you ‘again’ with goal-PPs
    • Paula Fenger. Words (a)cross domains: lessons from Japanese verbs


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