UConn Linguistics at JK

The 30th Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference, organized by Simon Fraser University, will take place on March 11-13, 2023. UConn will be well represented at the conference

… with talks by:

  • Yuya Noguchi. On the directive interpretation of non-past sentences in Japanese
  • Qiushi Chen. Deriving Mizenkei in Old Japanese Verbal Morphology
  • Eri Tanaka, Masako Maeda, and Yoichi Miyamoto (PhD 1994, now at Osaka University). On negative island effects and exhaustification with adjunct nani-o in Japanese

… and posters by:

  • Yusuke Yagi and Yuta Tatsumi (PhD 2021, now at Meikai U). Crossover Effects with Set indices: Evidence from Japanese Scrambling
  • Masako Maeda and Yoichi Miyamoto. Scope Properties of Parasitic Gaps in Adjunct Control in Japanese
  • Koji Shimamura (PhD 2018, now at Kanazawa Gakuin U, Kobe City U of Foreign Studies) and Takayuki Akimoto. Accusative Case without Agree
  • Toshiko Oda (PhD 2008, now at Tokyo Keizai U) and Alexander Wimmer. Japanese if-adversatives

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