UConn Linguistics at M100

MIT’s Department of Linguistics and Philosophy hosted a conference on phonology and morphology on September 8-10th to celebrate Morris Halle’s (1923–2018) centenary. UConn Linguistics was represented at the conference by the following presentations:

  • Shengyun Gu. A sketch of contrastive handshapes and their variants in Shanghai Sign Language
  • Hanyu Liu. Palatalization in Polish under the framework of feature geometry
  • Walter Shaw. Upward reanalyses of verbal morphology in Proto-Celtic
  • Andrea Calabrese. Remarks on Halle (2018)
  • Harry van der Hulst. The phonology of synthetic compounds
  • Andrea Calabrese & Laura Grestenberger. Accentuation and zero grade in the Vedic Sanskrit verbal system

The conference featured posters exclusively, and everyone can take a look at our posters through this link: http://m100.mit.edu/program.html

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