UConn Linguistics at BUCLD

The 48th Annual Boston University Conference on Language Development (BUCLD48) took place on 2nd-5th November 2023. UConn linguistics was represented at the conference with talks by:

  • Roeland Hancock, Sahil Luthra and William Snyder. Neuroanatomical Support for the Maturational Hypothesis of Subject-Experiencer Passives
  • Helen Koulidobrova (PhD 2012, now at Central Connecticut University) and Gabriel Martinez Vera (PhD 2020, now at Newcastle University). Not a matter of a degree: ASL signing children and acquisition of gradability

… and posters by:

  • Deborah Chen Pichler (PhD 2001, now at Gallaudet University), Mary Cecilia Conte, Patrice Creamer, Martin Dale-Hench, Elaine Gale, Linghui Gan, Corina Goodwin, Shengyun Gu, Kaj Kraus, Chui-Yi Margaret Lee, Diane Lillo-Martin, Jeffrey Palmer, Bettie Petersen and Meghan Shaw. Profile of a Family’s Bimodal Bilingual Development
  • Adina Camelia Bleotu, Andreea Nicolae, Anton Benz, Gabriela Bilbiie, Mara Panaitescu, Monica Casa and Lyn Tieu (PhD 2013, now at University of Toronto). On the role of alternatives and QUD in implicatures with disjunction in child Romanian
  • Shuyan Wang (PhD 2022, now at Rutgers University). Children’s delay in scalar implicatures: Evidence for processing account
  • Ting Xu (PhD 2016, now at Tsinghua University), Lyn Tieu and Stella Christie. Mandarin-acquiring children’s interpretation of presuppositional you ‘again’

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