UConn linguistics at FDSL

The 16th conference on the Formal description of Slavic languages (FDSL16) took place November 29th-December 1st at the University of Graz. UConn linguistics was represented at the conference with talks by:

  • Arthur Stepanov (PhD 2001, now at University of Nova Gorica). Exploring feature assignment in real time: The case of Russian numeral phrases
  • Magdalena Kaufmann and Neda Todorović (2016, now at University of Connecticut & Reed College). The remote and the impossible in Serbian
  • Sara Andreeta, Matic Pavlič, Penka Stateva (PhD 2002, now at University of Nova Gorica), and Artur Stepanov. Sentence comprehension in minority languages: The Slovenian Community in Italy
  • Jakob Lenardič (visiting scholar Fall 2017, now at Institute of Contemporary History, Slovenia). Slavic Reflexive Impersonals: Passivisation and Unaccusativity
  • Krzysztof Migdalski (post-doc 2006-2008, now at University of Wrocław). On the non-directionality of language change – a case of functional elements in Slavic
  • Svitlana Antonyuk (post-doc 2018-19, now at University of Graz). A quantification-based approach to the deduction of phases in (East) Slavic

… and an invited talk by:

  • Željko Bošković. Spelling-out phases (Workshop on Information Structure, Prosody and Phase Theory in Slavic)

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