UConn Linguists at the LSA Annual Meeting

The 2024 edition of the Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America took place January 4th-7th in New York City. The event also commemorated the centennial of the LSA. UConn linguistics was well represented at the conference with talks by:

  • Shengyun Gu. Interaction between iconicity and weak drop in Shanghai Sign Language
  • Diane Brentari, Kathryn Montemurro, Susan Goldin-Meadow, Ann Senghas, Marie Coppola. The effects of animacy on the creation of verb agreement: Clues from Lengua de Señas Nicaragüense
  • Shengyun Gu, Diane Lillo-Martin, Deborah Chen Pichler (PhD 2001, now at Gallaudet University), Elaine Gale. Early Development in ASL Phonology: A Longitudinal Study of Deaf Children with Hearing Parents

… a poster presentations by:

  • Aida Talić (PhD 2017, now at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign). You don’t need a definite article to have a DP: A view from Telugu domain of N and A

… and a talk in the workshop on “Advances in the study of signed language phonological change”:

  • Harry Van der Hulst . Why do sign languages lack allomorphy rules?