UConn Linguistics at GLOW in Asia

The 14th Generative Linguistics in the Old World in Asia (GLOW in Asia XIV) took place March 6-8th, hosted by the Chinese University of Hong Kong. UConn was very well represented at the conference with a keynote talk by:

  • Željko Bošković. More than one way to spell out a phase

… main session talks by:

  • Tarcisio Dias. Superraise only if you hyperraise
  • Mia Gong and Miloje Despić (PhD 2011, now at Cornell University). On the Nature of Reflexive Binding in Mongolian: from Nominals to Clauses

… and posters by:

  • Yuya Noguchi. Syntactic aspects of co-occurrence of a wh- and a concealed question in Japanese
  • Nick Huang (post-doc 2019-2021, now at National University of Singapore) and Zheng Shen (PhD 2018, now at National University of Singapore). The role of main verbs in subextraction of wh-phrases from NPs
  • Miloje Despić. Uncovering Hidden Structures in BCMS: The Case of Negative Imperatives
  • Masao Ochi (PhD 1999, now at Osaka University) and Yuta Tatsumi (PhD 2021, now at Meikai University). Numeral Classifiers in Japanese and (Anti-)Labeling
  • Heesun Yang and Bum-Sik Park (PhD 2005, now at Dongguk University). The Syntax and Semantics of the High Negation Question in Korean
  • Jarry Chuang. Right Dislocation in Chinese: Consequence of Topicalization & Comp-to-Spec movement
  • Austin Jaejun Kim and Myung-Kwan Park (PhD 1994, now at Dongguk University). Reanalysis and intervention in English ‘tough’ constructions
  • Yuta Sakamoto (PhD 2017, now at Meiji University) and Rikuto Yokoyama. Silent Presupposition in Japanese Clefts: Ellipsis vs. Proform
  • Pravaal Yadav. Discourse’s effect on the Structure: An evidence from agreement patterns in Hindi-Urdu

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