UConn Linguistics at FASL

The 31st annual meeting of Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics (FASL 31) hosted by McMaster University in a hybrid mode is taking place on June 24-26. UConn linguistics will be well represented with presentations by:

  • Željko Bosković. Wh & wh Coordinations
  • Sandra Stjepanović (PhD 1999, now at West Virginia University). Left Branch Extraction and Agreement with Hybrid Nouns (POSTER)
  • Miloje Despić (PhD 2011, now at Cornell University). Nominal Ellipsis of Hybrid Nouns in Serbian
  • Beccy Lewis. Associative plurals in Slavic languages
  • Danil Khristov, Artur Stepanov (PhD 2001, now at University of Nova Gorica), Julie Franck & Penka Stateva (PhD 2002, now at University of Nova Gorica). Feature Assignment Errors in the Bulgarian Quantified Noun Phrase (POSTER)

… as well as an invited talk by:

  • Neda Todorović (PhD 2016, now at University of British Columbia). What are(n’t) we asking with a (negative) polar question in Serbian?

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