UConn Linguists at ICSLA

The 4th International Conference on Sign Language Acquisition (ICSLA 4) hosted by Boston University, will take place virtually on June 23-25, 2022. UConn will be well represented at the conference with presentations by:

  • L. Viola Kozak, Shengyun Gu, Deborah Chen Pichler (PhD 2001, now at Gallaudet University) and Diane Lillo-Martin. Phonological Development in ASL Signing Children: Comparing Approaches to Scoring a Pseudosign Repetition Task
  • Deborah Chen Pichler and Helen Koulidobrova (PhD 2012, now at Central Connecticut State University). Effects of reversibility and animacy on constituent order in beginner M2L2 signing 
  • Kaj Kraus, Taylor Chumley, Mary Cecilia Conte, Martin Dale-Hench, Tayla Newman and Deborah Chen Pichler. Character vs. observer: Revisiting viewpoint in M2L2 signer narratives (POSTER)
  • Ronice Müller de Quadros, Marilyn Mafra Klamt, Pamela Perniss and Diane Lillo-Martin. Visual cohesion in Coda multimodal productions (POSTER)

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